Отзывы Indiumease, The Silver Bullet, Жидкий минерал, 1/2 унции, инструкция на русском

Indiumease, The Silver Bullet, Жидкий минерал, 1/2 унции

Indiumease, The Silver Bullet, Жидкий минерал, 1/2 унции: отзывы, цена, инструкция, где купить, описание, инструкция по применению на русском языке

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Indiumease, The Silver Bullet, Жидкий минерал, 1/2 унции : Описание на русском языке

  • Запатентованное жидкое минеральное # 49 индий питание
  • Узнай питательное открытие 21-го века

Индий и Indiumease представляет собой жидкий минерал, запатентованный George A.H. Bonadio. Индий и Indiumease является пропавшей связью, объединяющей две крупные минеральные группы. Индий и Indiumease и процесс Bonadio созданы для облегчения жизни. Индий и Indiumease повышает усвоение минералов.

Индий и Indiumease был тестирован на безопасность, и Индий и Indiumease является самым безопасным микроэлементом. Индий и Indiumease нормализует основные железы и улучшает спортивные результаты. Индий и Indiumease может помочь спортсменам побить рекорды скорости, силы и выносливости. Индий и Indiumease может понизить наркотическую, химическую и алкогольную токсичность. Индий является 7-м наиболее редким микроэлементом. Индий и Indiumease увеличивает усвоение минералов железами в процессе антивозрастного восстановления. Запатентованный процесс Bonadio впервые в истории сделал индий и INDIUMEASE абсорбируемым.

Индий- это минеральный элемент #49. INDIUMEASE, как сульфат индия, является жидкой минеральной добавкой, без которой вы сможете прожить, но без которой вам не удастся достигнуть оптимального антивозрастного восстановления и сопротивляемости болезням.

Indiumease, The Silver Bullet, Жидкий минерал, 1/2 унции : Рекомендации по Применению , инструкция

1/2 унции это запас на 90 дней для 150 фунтов, 60 дней для 200 фунтов.

Среднее количество в день это 1 капля на 50 фунтов веса тела, принимать на заднюю часть языка в желудок после пробуждения утром и подождать 10 минут, прежде чем пить или есть. Увеличивайте прием от 1 капли/день на первой неделе, до 2 капель/день на второй неделе и т.д.

Indiumease, The Silver Bullet, Жидкий минерал, 1/2 унции : Другие Ингредиенты , состав

1 mg 99.99% pure Indium per drop.

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Отзывы Indiumease, The Silver Bullet, Жидкий минерал, 1/2 унции

After 2 weeks, I noticed I was sleeping better.
I followed the instructions and took 1 drop for every 50 lbs of weight. During week 3, I noticed I was sleeping like a rock which is great because I was waking up 1-2x a night.
***it's been 3 months, still sleeping great, but have not noticed any other differences**

Firstly, I received no benefits from taking Indiumease. I have read now from a few sources that Indium Sulfate (indiumease) is not good for the body and can cause a few nasty side effects. Also, I emailed the manufacturer and received a pretty rude response not answering any questions. Im not giving up on Indium but my Indiumease days are over. I'm now looking for Indium hydroxide.

I took Indiumease 1 drop every day in the first week and my feel is so much better now. I can sleep so well:)

does wonders for sleep and arthritis. i would give it the whole 5 stars if it didn't have this 'quality' still mesmerizing me. it's mostly positive but i wouldn't recommend i to anyone. there's something spiritual/metaphysical in line with monatomic minerals to this one.

I took this for a couple of weeks and was amazed by the result, my skin was glowing and I looked younger! But then I did some research about indium, taking it by mouth may result in damage to the liver, heart and kidneys… So I stopped taking it..

I was instructed by Dr. Bill (William Deagle) to take Indiumease by placing the drops on my tongue and holding them to the roof of my mouth for as long as I could before swallowing; this, he said, helps it get to the hypothalamus and pituitary faster. I have been using it this way first thing every morning, a half-hour before eating, since 2004. I've run out a couple of times, and it only takes two days before I can tell a difference. I don't feel as good. This is an excellent product. It helps absorption and elimination; in my experience, it also assists in thyroid/adrenal balance and functioning. Your price for this product is better than what I have been able to find elsewhere on the Net. This product is not available in stores. Your customer service and the extras you pack with each shipment are valuable. I did like when you had a special for ordering 3 at a time and I would do that each time if you still had the special.

Very Unique

Отзыв Indiumease, The Silver Bullet, Жидкий минерал, 1/2 унции. There's something about this product! I take a drop back on the tounge in the morning before eating. After 3 weeks now, I feel more relaxed and seems like my energy level has improved.

The hype on this product is interesting but it did not compare with my experience. This is not to deny that it is beneficial as it may well be; it simply is that it did nothing for me of which I am or, was, aware so hence candid low rating.


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