Отзывы Herb Pharm, Ямайская свидина, 1 жидкая унция (29,6 мл), инструкция на русском

Herb Pharm, Ямайская свидина, 1 жидкая унция (29,6 мл)

Herb Pharm, Ямайская свидина, 1 жидкая унция (29,6 мл): отзывы, цена, инструкция, где купить, описание, инструкция по применению на русском языке

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Herb Pharm, Ямайская свидина, 1 жидкая унция (29,6 мл) : Описание на русском языке

  • Жидкий экстракт лекарственных трав
  • Piscidia erythrina
  • Кора корня
  • Растительная пищевая добавка

Мы готовим наш экстракт ямайской свидины из коры корней деревьев Piscidia erythrina, которая собирается специально для нас в диких условиях в горах Ямайки и никогда не дезинфицируется окуриванием или облучением.

Для обеспечения оптимальной экстракции биоактивных веществ ямайской свидины, кора корня собирается вручную и тщательно высушивается на солнце, а потом доставляется самолетом непосредственно в нашу лабораторию, где из нее добывается экстракт.

Herb Pharm, Ямайская свидина, 1 жидкая унция (29,6 мл) : Рекомендации по Применению , инструкция

Перед использованием тщательно взболтать

Принимать по 20-40 капель с небольшим количеством воды от двух до четырех раз в день.

Herb Pharm, Ямайская свидина, 1 жидкая унция (29,6 мл) : Другие Ингредиенты , состав

Certified organic cane alcohol (76-86%) & distilled water. Gluten-free.

Dry herb / menstruum ratio: 1 : 4.

Herb Pharm, Ямайская свидина, 1 жидкая унция (29,6 мл) : Предупреждения

Caution: Seek expert medical advice before taking during pregnancy or nursing.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Store away from heat & light.

Купить Herb Pharm, Ямайская свидина, 1 жидкая унция (29,6 мл) на iHerb (айхерб) — лучшая цена гарантирована

Купить Herb Pharm, Ямайская свидина, 1 жидкая унция (29,6 мл) цена со скидкой — 613.13 рублей *

* — цена в Москве с бесплатной доставкой при заказе от $40

Отзывы Herb Pharm, Ямайская свидина, 1 жидкая унция (29,6 мл)

It is not so good for sleep but it helps me aginst low back pain.

I had read about the strong pain relieving benefits of Jamaican Dogwood, in combination with Feverfew, years ago. I suffered from excruciating back pain from several traumatic injuries over the years.

Virtually all of the local vitamin/herb shops in my area no longer carried Herb-Pharm products, the sales & marketing double talkers of the big corporate herbal companies had made sure their products filled the shelves. I tried Gaia Herbs and another companies JD/Feverfew compound and started questioning the source of my information on it's effectiveness, it did nothing for me.

Having re-discovered Herb-Pharm products a few years ago, shopping on iherb and noticing the label from so long ago that made me a believer in herbal healing in the first place, then making note of the significant difference in the quality and actual effectiveness of their products, I still only gave the Jamaican Dogwood passing glances. After recently discovering Ed Smith's (One of the founders of Herb-Pharm) podcasts and hearing him talk about J. Dogwood, I gave it another try. Finally a product that lives up to the claims.
It does well on it's own for some things & is fantastic in combination with Feverfew for others. It is now on my list of herbs I will never be without and one of the first things to go in my travel case.

So much more than just a pain killer. J. Dogwood is actually a nerve sedative & anti-spasmodic. And a very strong one at that, when it's made well with high quality plant source to start. I suffer, and I can't over emphasize the word "suffer" enough, with a Hiatal Hernia. [The top of the stomach, where the esophagus connects to it after it passes through your diaphragm herniates/spasms and pushes up through the hole in the diaphragm, making it hard to breath deeply & when really bad, tearing it open more.] This also gets exacerbated by gallbladder colic and can feel like you've been shot in the stomach or causes a burning pain in the spine just opposite the diaphragm. Before I knew better, it had put me in the hospital twice. After hearing on the podcast that the J.Dogwood is good for intestinal/gallbladder colic, I tried it when I had a bad flair up and couldn't believe how quickly it resolved. It was like finding the key to a lifelong prison cell.

In combination with Feverfew, it is a powerhouse for my back & joint pain. The sedative properties also help you sleep well & are beneficial for Neuralgia and said to allay delirium caused by high fevers & drug/alcohol withdrawal.
It is a fairly strong sedative, so requires some caution, especially with children or aged/feeble adults. Do your research & get two bottles, your never going to want to be without it again.

Отзыв Herb Pharm, Ямайская свидина, 1 жидкая унция (29,6 мл). Hubs has used this for pain from shingles and I have used it for help with migraine pain. If you get migraine you know nothing is a cure all, but this does help take it down a notch. For shingles, Hubs has found the Willow Meadowsweet blend works better than the JD by itself.

helps to get rid of pain and helps me get a good night's sleep, without drugs

I believe this product has helped me fall asleep easier, although it doesn't seem to last more than a few hours.


Quality product and fast shipping from a great company. Product came overnight, very impressed!

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