Отзывы Herb Pharm, Пастушья сумка, 1 жидкая унция (30 мл), инструкция на русском

Herb Pharm, Пастушья сумка, 1 жидкая унция (30 мл) (Discontinued Item)

Herb Pharm, Пастушья сумка, 1 жидкая унция (30 мл): отзывы, цена, инструкция, где купить, описание, инструкция по применению на русском языке

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Herb Pharm, Пастушья сумка, 1 жидкая унция (30 мл) : Описание на русском языке

  • Оптимальное здоровье
  • Органическая продукция, сертифицированная Департаментом сельского хозяйства США (USDA)
  • Травяная добавка
  • Не содержит глютена
  • Свежая трава / растворяющее вещество в отношении 1: 1.5
  • Органическая продукция, сертифицированная Organic Certifiers

Жидкий экстракт пастушьей сумки

Мы изготавливаем наш экстракт пастушьей сумки из свежего (не сушеного) растения Capsella bursa-pastoris, выращенного в сертифицированных органических условиях на нашей собственной ферме.

Herb Pharm, Пастушья сумка, 1 жидкая унция (30 мл) : Рекомендации по Применению , инструкция

Хорошо встряхните перед использованием.

Добавляйте 1 полную дозировку пипетки к 2 унциям воды или сока 2 — 5 раз в день. Лучше принимать между приемами пищи.

Herb Pharm, Пастушья сумка, 1 жидкая унция (30 мл) : Другие Ингредиенты , состав

Certified organic cane alcohol (42-52%) & distilled water.

Herb Pharm, Пастушья сумка, 1 жидкая унция (30 мл) : Предупреждения

Seek expert medical advice before taking during pregnancy.

Keep out of the reach of children

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Купить Herb Pharm, Пастушья сумка, 1 жидкая унция (30 мл) цена со скидкой — уточняйте

Отзывы Herb Pharm, Пастушья сумка, 1 жидкая унция (30 мл)

I tried this at the time along with Chaste and noticed a huge improvement in mood that I have not gotten on just the Chaste alone. It didn't do much for me in terms of menstrual issues but I felt lighter and happier. The smell of this product is terrible and I found myself burying it in small amounts of grape juice to make it more palatable. If this was available in a pill form by itself, I would definitely begin taking it again. Thought the amount I had to use for the price was just too expensive to keep up with.

The range of tinctures available from Herb Pharm is extensive, and beats the competition in that respect. Excellent quality tinctures, I recommend them.

I always have this on hand for just in case.

An ancient and well researched herb. Used for bleeding wounds (which I have going on internally in my GI tract but inoperable), I found my need for blood transfusions lessening for a while.

Отзыв Herb Pharm, Пастушья сумка, 1 жидкая унция (30 мл). Due to fibroids I have heavy bleeding that last 12 to 14 days before using Sheppard's. My normal time was 7 to 8 days. I take this as a combination with lady’s mantle, vitex and 3-4 drops of trillium (aka) beth root or just sometimes Sheppard’s, lady’s mantle, vitex. These tinctures are all good for fibroids. Sheppards purse is the key to stopping the heavy bleeding. Sheppard’s purse is not to be taken on a daily basis. Some herbalist recommend taking the herb 14-21 days before your menses and during for the duration of your menses. These doctors always want to do surgery, when there are other remedies other than snatching out your uterus. I hope this helps someone. I understand the frustration.

생리과다에 좋다해서 비상시 쓸려고 구입했는데 아직 못 써봤네요.

I have uterine fibroids and extremely heavy bleeding, hemorrhaging. Was taking a temp stop-gap measure of Lupron shot and other prescribed pills, along with 2 DNC's.

Those pills gave me hypertension, stage 2! Needed to get off. When I stopped taking, hemorrhaging returned. Started taking this. Just bought one bottle. No change in 3 days. Then I went online and read where another woman with same issues took the prescribed amount every hour for 8 hours a day. ( The normal prescribed 2-3x a day don't help w/ heavy bleeding)

So I did the same; taking the dose 8x a day. Within 2 days my bleeding was cut in half. Has taken 3-4 weeks, but now my bleeding is at a trickle. Totally amazing considering I was home bound from the bleeding before.

I've also taken other meds (Hawthorn berry extract and Michael's Blood Pressure Factor) more frequent than recommended as well to bring my blood pressure down.

Don't give up on this stuff if it didn't work w/ the 3x a day deal. It will work with more doses. Be sure to buy 5 bottles of the stuff so you won't run out.

I used this Shepherd's Purse to help with heavy and excessive menstruation. It definitely slowed it down and gave me some relief. I'd recommend this to any woman experiencing heavy periods.

As a pre-menopausal woman, I heard that Shepherd's Purse was supposed to help with heavy bleeding, which I've been suffering from for some time. I've tried it for three months and am having iffy results. Even when I start taking it several days before my period starts, it's still quite heavy on the first couple of days, almost like I'm not taking anything at all. By the fourth day, the bleeding is noticeably lighter, but I'd really love it if it were more effective the first couple of days. Otherwise, iHerb always delivers extremely quickly and I've never had a problem with my order or delivery from this company.

it worked for me and my heavy bleeding

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