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Estroven, Estroven PM, 50 Caplets (Discontinued Item)

Estroven, Estroven PM, 50 Caplets: отзывы, цена, инструкция, где купить, описание, инструкция по применению на русском языке

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Estroven, Estroven PM, 50 Caplets : Описание на русском языке

  • Tested for Quality & Purity in the USA
  • Helps You Fall Asleep & Stay Asleep Naturally
  • Promotes Natural Sleep Patterns
  • Reduces Night Sweats
  • Safe, All-Natural
  • Dietary Supplement

Naturally and safely improves sleep patterns while helping to reduce the symptoms of menopause. Now with vitamin D for strong bones and to support a healthy immune system.

  • Black Cohosh clinically shown to reduce hot flashes and night sweats
  • Estroven Herbal Sleep Blend featuring Valerian Root to help you sleep all night long
  • Estroven Relaxing Botanical Blend with Magnolia Bark Extract & Chamomile to reduce irritability and stress
  • Vitamin D for strong bones and a healthy immune system.
  • # 1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand

Estroven PM will help you fall asleep the first night you take it. When taken regularly for 30 days, Estroven PM will reduce night sweats to help you sleep through the night.

Estroven, Estroven PM, 50 Caplets : Рекомендации по Применению , инструкция

Take one (1) caplet nightly before bedtime. For best results, nightly use is important.

Estroven, Estroven PM, 50 Caplets : Другие Ингредиенты , состав

Microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, vegetable stearic acid, hypromellose, vegetable magnesium stearate, silica, hydroxypropyl cellulose, natural source polyethylene glycol, orange and vanilla extract essences, natural color.

Estroven does not contain artificial dyes, colors, preservatives, flavors, yeast, wheat, gluten, lactose or animal products.

Estroven, Estroven PM, 50 Caplets : Предупреждения

Estroven PM does not contain synthetic estrogen and may be taken with other supplements. As with any nutritional supplement, please inform your healthcare professional before taking. Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of children.

Store at room temperature. Do not expose to excessive heat, humidity or direct sunlight.

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Отзывы Estroven, Estroven PM, 50 Caplets

This item has been discontinued but Iherb has many similar items that are just as good!

I'm pleased with this product. I always get very good service from IHerb and I find products here I cannot find in my city. And the site is easy to use, keep up the good work

I sleep deeply through most of the night. Hot flashes are very very minimal now. I like the fact that there is a good dose of vitamin D in these.

My hot flashes were increasing in intensity and frequency… I have been using regular and extra strength Estroven from Publix grocery for years. It had done the job well when I first started Menopause. Several months ago is when the intensity began and I found this product! What a fantastic relief! I have had almost non-existant hot flashes since beginning this brand of Estroven. I'm on my second box 🙂 And as a side note; I take it first thing in the morning and not at night… so it seems to work fine either way. Your experience may be different than mine but if you are having the kind of trouble I was, I highly recommend this product and encourage you to try it.

I have health issues from head to toe. Not sleeping aggravates everyone of them. This product is making a lovely difference. Imagine my pleasure when I found I could buy twice the amount for the same almost the same amount I buy it in the store! Amerifit you are wonderful people!

Don't know what I would do without this product. Because I am unable to take Estrogen, this really helps with mt menopausal symptoms!

Estroven is a great herbal alternative to taking hormones. It started taking effect in just a few days and the night sweats were completely gone in about 10 days. Highly recommended!!!

Отзыв Estroven, Estroven PM, 50 Caplets. I use this with, Life Flo Health, Estro-Care Phytoestrogens Body Cream, and together they make a fabulous team in controlling my hot flashes, night sweats etc. The night sweats were horrible, now they are pretty much totally gone. Great stuff!!!

This product is EXCELLENT! I've been using for 4 months and NO MORE NIGHT HOT FLASHES!!! iHerb has the best price I've found.

Estroven PM simply helps my body do what it used to before the hormonal changes! I fall off to a natural sleep and get a full night's rest without the many symptoms of menopause. This product is natural and has no side effects. It does not get better than this!

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