Отзывы Brothers-All-Natural, Banana, 2 oz (56.7 g), инструкция на русском

Brothers-All-Natural, Banana, 2 oz (56.7 g)

Brothers-All-Natural, Banana, 2 oz (56.7 g): отзывы, цена, инструкция, где купить, описание, инструкция по применению на русском языке

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Brothers-All-Natural, Banana, 2 oz (56.7 g) : Описание на русском языке

  • Freeze Dried
  • Light & Crispy
  • 100% Real Fruit
  • Resealable Package!
  • Real Sliced
  • 100% Fruit
  • No Preservatives
  • No Sugar Added!
  • All Natural
  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO
  • Peanut Free

The healthy snack- the one Mother Nature would eat!

Eat more fruit! Our fruit crisps are an easy, convenient and fun way to eat your fruit. Only fruit-absolutely nothing added.

We start with luscious FRESH fruit, straight from the best growing regions in the world. We then send it directly through our state-of-art FREEZE-DRIED process that gently removes the water from the fresh fruit, and transforms it into a delicious, delightfully light, and flavorful CRISP. As always, we simply use fruit, nothing, artificial, definitely no added sugar. Just fruit, the best fruit.

The perfect anytime snack. Brothers-all-natural fruit crisp are perfect for trip, school lunches, at the office, or just to eat around the house.

We take great care to ensure the quality and food safety of our products. The below listed certification demonstrate our commitment to quality products manufactures under strict sanitary guidelines and fair working conditions for employees. All raw materials and finished products are tested daily to ensure 100% purity and the best possible quality.

HACCP Certified, ISO 9001 Certified, OSHA 18001 Certified, SGS and CIQ Inspected

Brothers-All-Natural, Banana, 2 oz (56.7 g) : Другие Ингредиенты , инструкция

100% Freeze-Dried sliced bananas

Peanut/tree nut free, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, non GMO, vegan, kosher

Brothers-All-Natural, Banana, 2 oz (56.7 g) : Предупреждения , состав

For best quality please use by date stamped.

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Отзывы Brothers-All-Natural, Banana, 2 oz (56.7 g)

Отзыв Brothers-All-Natural, Banana, 2 oz (56.7 g). Обожаю этот бренд! Заказываю регулярно по 2-3 упаковки. Сытно, вкусно и полезно! Рекомендую!!

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